What Women Say About Working with Dr. Wei

Mandy T.

“I have been very fortunate to have Dr. Wei as my doctor for over 12 years, as both a gynecologist and obstetrician. We have shared a journey of wellness, health conditions, fertility challenges, loss, and birth. And throughout the journey, I have never felt like just a patient with an appointment. Dr. Wei is compassionate, professional, generous with her time and knowledge, and passionate about making people well — truly well. She has always provided me an exceptional level of care and I would enthusiastically recommend her to friends and family. There are many times over the last twelve years that she has shared my tears, laughter and joy, and I have been forever thankful to be in her care.”

- Mandy T.

Christine M.

“Dr. Jessica Wei has been my OB/GYN for over a decade. She has always provided me sincere advice and care that transcends the normal doctor / patient relationship. During care for a serious medical issue that developed in my life, Dr. Wei was attentive, always available and nurturing as we made our way to a positive outcome. It is a gift to have Dr. Wei provide her wealth of knowledge, experience and caring heart for all.”

- Christine M.

Valerie W.

“Dr. Wei is not like most doctors. Her holistic view of my treatment was what made me know how fortunate I was to have her as my doctor. Dr. Wei always took the time to listen and provide feedback that would help me. Dr. Wei is the epitome of what a doctor should be to their patient.”

- Valerie W.

Susan B.

“Thank you for the exceptional care you have given to me for over 15 years as my obstetrician and gynecologist. You are an amazing and passionate doctor who truly cares about your patients. I was blessed to share the birth of my first daughter in 2005 with you. Birth can be one of the most exciting yet scariest experiences a woman can go through. Your guidance and encouragement helped to avoid much anxiety. You are a true gift. I am so grateful for the care and service you have given to me and any woman who has not met you will feel confident and comfortable when they meet you. Your expertise, encouragement and positive spirit make it easy for anyone to share their personal or health issues and concerns with. I will always be thankful for you.”

- Susan B.

Debbie S.

“I had the privilege of being under the care of Dr. Wei for over 10 years. She was not only professional and experienced, but approachable and easy to talk to. Most physicians today are stretched between so many patients that you feel rushed and not heard. Dr. Wei always made time to hear what was really going on and to make sure you knew she was there for you.”

- Debbie S.

Susie M.

“I can’t say enough about how comfortable Dr. Wei always made me feel and how thorough she was about explaining my options to me when I was suffering from heavy menstrual cycles due to my fibroids. She always put me at ease. She’s kind, smart, and diligent at what she does. Her passion and admiration for her 2 boys was evident, and to me that made her human and truly made me feel like she gets it (motherhood). She’s the best!”

- Susie M.

Ashley W.

“Dr. Wei will always have a special place in my heart as not only my doctor but also as a friend. It is rare that doctors invest such time, heart and soul into their patients. I am so grateful to have had that opportunity.”

- Ashley W.

Marina M.

“I have known Dr. Wei for 12 years. She was easy-going and interested in me from the first appointment. She took her time and we talked. We found out that we both were raising two sons, and talked about the challenges of raising young men while being full-time professional moms. I was at ease with her instantaneously. However, most importantly, she was easy to talk with about my own bodily issues. She never rushed me. She wanted to know everything that I was experiencing. Although we only met once a year, I felt cared for, that I mattered deeply to her as a patient.”

- Marina M.

Nicole C.

“I was lucky enough to have Dr. Wei first as my obstetrician when she delivered my youngest child in 2004. She then became my regular gynecologist for the next 12 years. Although I only saw her annually, I automatically felt like I had a connection to her as soon as she walked through the exam room door. She never made me feel rushed, always taking the time to listen and show that she truly cared about me as her patient. Would I recommend Dr. Wei? Absolutely, without the shadow of a doubt. Her compassion is endless, she is a wealth of knowledge and a true professional.”

- Nicole C.

Halina A.

“Dr. Wei is very attentive and takes her time to address my health needs. I have always felt that she let me move at my speed and comfort. I like that Dr. Wei has an open mind to looking at different ways of healing your body. She helped me to change my lifestyle, to eat healthy, and be physically fit. Because of Dr.Wei’s professionalism and caring heart, I highly recommend her!”

- Halina A.

Jesse H.

“I had an amazing experience with Dr. Wei! I went to her after seeing half a dozen doctors who were less than helpful. She was very knowledgable and worked with me to figure out what was going on. But beyond her skill as a doctor, she was very kind and open-minded and went out of her way to support me. I can’t recommend Dr. Wei more highly!”

- Jesse H.

Mary D.

“Dr. Wei treats the problem at its root which heals the entire body. I would never hesitate to recommend her to any individual I know. She truly cares.”

- Mary D.

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