What Women Say About Working with Dr. Wei

Michelle P.

“Dr. Wei has been my obstetrician and gynecologist for many years and she provides an outstanding level of care. She is kind, compassionate, and understanding. She has a calming demeanor that is very much appreciated by all who know her. She truly listens to your concerns and you always know that she has your best interests at heart. I am grateful to have had her in my life as she has helped me through difficult times with amazing results: my two beautiful children. I highly recommend Dr. Wei, as she is an exceptional physician and also a wonderful woman.”

- Michelle P.

Chelsea A.

“As my gynecologist for many years, Dr. Wei was a consummate professional when I saw her for typical annual exams. When I encountered some struggles with my health, she took the time to inquire deeper about my circumstances, rather than simply write me a prescription. She showed true empathy and thoughtfulness which I didn’t expect from an extremely busy physician. She suggested some resources to research my condition and educate myself before deciding on the path of treatment. Because of Dr. Wei, I realized that my health could be improved by taking better care of myself and truly fixing the underlying problems rather than just taking medication. I am extremely grateful for that. I highly recommend Dr. Wei to other women who are looking for a thoughtful, supportive physician that will provide treatment for overall health and well-being.”

- Chelsea A.

Emily K.

“I have never experienced such care than that of Dr. Jessica Wei. I felt completely at ease whenever I was scheduled to see Dr. Wei for either GYN or OB care. Every time she walks in the room, the space is immediately filled with her smile and warmth and you can guarantee she is well versed in the personal happenings in your life as she takes time with each and every patient she comes in contact with. I know this because I enjoyed every moment of being her patient, and have many family and friends that share the same gratitude for Dr. Wei.”

- Emily K.

Linda T.

“Dr. Jessica Wei was my both obstetrician and gynecologist for over ten years. She is a wonderful doctor. In all my years as her patient, I never felt rushed through an appointment. She did her best to make an uncomfortable environment as comfortable as possible. She listened to my concerns, answered my questions, and always treated me respectfully. When I went for a routine appointment that happened to fall shortly after a death in my family, Dr. Wei stopped the appointment to give me a hug. That might seem insignificant, but in a time when so many doctors are unable to spend more than a few minutes with each patient, and the practice of medicine is evolving to become more about filling out forms than anything else, Dr. Wei took the time to treat me as a person, not just a patient. I will always appreciate the care she provided.”

- Linda T.

Carrie P.

“Dr. Wei takes the time to know her patients, to understand who they are in different facets of their lives, what’s going on in their lives, how they handle life’s stress, to name a few things! With Dr. Wei’s compassionate and caring nature, her passion for helping women, her knowledge in traditional medicine and her training in holistic methods, I know she’s going to be the perfect partner as I find better balance and health.”

- Carrie P.

Faye S.

“For over a decade, I have had the privilege and honor to have Dr. Jessica Wei as my OB/GYN physician. The epitome of professionalism, Dr. Wei’s expertise is beyond compare; she gently yet effectively performed the necessary routine procedures always taking the time to check in on what was going on in my life. This quality of truly listening with a kind, caring attitude it what makes Dr. Wei different from many other physicians practicing today. From giving me the reassurance I needed to undergo a difficult procedure to a well-timed hug, I always felt Dr. Wei was sensitive to my individual needs while focusing on my overall wellness.”

- Faye S.

Sue M.

“Dr Jessica Wei has been an Ob/Gyn doctor for myself and my daughter for many years. From my first visit with Dr Wei, I discovered her genuine caring spirit and the value she places on the complete health of her patients. These days when doctors are so often too busy to sit and really get to know their patients it is so refreshing to find a doctor who takes the time to get the full picture of a patient’s health and offer really good advice . Dr Wei’s care cannot be explained in words but I guarantee the first time you sit with her you will understand and know that finally you have found a doctor who can “put the pieces of the puzzle together” and help women live healthier balanced lives.”

- Sue M.

Donna S.

“Dr. Wei is thorough, compassionate, and made me feel that every risk factor was addressed with precision and diligence. Each appointment I had with Dr. Wei felt like “coming home.” She understands women not only on a medical level but personally and emotionally as well. She is a brilliant medical professional who approaches healthcare from a holistic & spiritual perspective, and who listens and never makes appointments feel rushed, and provides thorough and compassionate follow-up. I highly recommend working with her on your healthcare journey!”

- Donna S.

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