Find Your Joy!


Unfortunately, I am not currently accepting new patients and cannot answer your clinical questions! 

To find a functional medicine provider near you, click here to access the extensive database of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

In both books I wrote, I incorporate the fundamentals of a functional medicine approach to overall wellness and health. Restoring our bodies' beautiful physiologic balance is vital to feeling good and powerfully moving forward in your life with freedom and grace. When your body works well, you feel better and look better. Feeling better and looking better give you the energy, clarity, and courage to follow your dreams and live the life you truly want to live!

I am practicing virtually with the amazing holistic functional medicine company Parsley Health. At Parsley Health, many other amazing functional medicine practitioners are licensed in other states where you may live. Unfortunately, I am not currently accepting new patients.

***Please note that I no longer practice as an Ob/Gyn. I practice now as a telemedicine functional medicine doctor full-time.***

As always, best to you to remember your inner joy, love, and peace!

Dr. Jessie Wei

Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable.
It means to show up and be seen.
To ask for what you need.

​Brené Brown