Jessie Wei


Welcome to a place of curiosity, exploration, and joy!

During these challenging times of seemingly increasing uncertainty and fear, can we remember who we truly are at our very core, our essence? In every moment, we are free to tap into our inner joy, love, and peace even when it seems as if the world is falling down all around us. 

Hi! I’m Dr. Jessie Wei, she/her/hers, mother, daughter, sister, friend, integrative and functional medicine doctor, former Ob/Gyn, student, teacher, author, speaker, storyteller, and wellspring of joy and love! We are all deep wellsprings of joy and love, believe it or not! For many of us, this truth has been buried deep beneath many layers of responsibility, socialization, acculturation, and trauma. How do we access that beautiful and extraordinary inner wellspring?

Along with playing my primary roles as mother and doctor, I am committed to helping us all remember who we really are, first in my day-to-day interactions with others and then through writing, speaking, and teaching. If you are curious about this journey back to your inner joy, love, and contentment, join me! 

Reading or listening to my first book will give you insight into my journey back to myself. Through the long struggle with burnout and depression, I gathered the tools to return to my inner joy, love, and peace. I hope you find the touchstones and courage you need to tell your story. When we share our stories, we boldly challenge the false belief that we are ever alone in this world. 

Ultimately, when we come to a place of genuine understanding and acceptance of ourselves and each other, we can share our joy and triumphs unfettered by the fear of judgment or rejection. One by one, as we rediscover our inner joy, love, and peace, we will move forward to live in a world in which we can live in authentic compassion and community with each other.

The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual,
forms a bridge between the sharers
which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them
and lessens the threat of their difference. 

Audre Lord

Physician, Care for Thyself: A Doctor’s Journey out of the Darkness of Depression and Burnout

Practicing medicine is a great privilege and honor, for which I will always be grateful. At the same time, the immense pressures and stresses of training and practice eventually took their toll on my health and sense of well-being. For many years, I suffered from ongoing depression, anxiety, and burn-out, like many other physicians and health care providers on the frontline of caring for patients. I felt trapped and unhappy, unsure of how to free myself from the struggle I felt every day. Until one day, I realized that just as I had made choices to be where I was, I could make different choices to reclaim my health and happiness.

Physician, Care For Thyself is one story of a physician and single mother who faced and overcame many obstacles to reclaim her inner joy, love, and peace. Leaving behind conventional medical care for myself and my patients, I discovered better and better ways to optimize overall health and wellness for myself and others. In this book, I share all of this and more!

Praise for Physician, Care for Thyself

A masterfully written, honest, and thought-provoking work that any committed medical doctor will do well to read and carefully reflect on what they need to do to reap the rewards of their professional endeavour while living an overall life of joy and fulfillment.

Dr. Ike Nnene, Family Doctor and Holistic Physician, Norwich, England.