Physician, Care for Thyself

When you’re feeling burned out and depressed, should you quit your job as a doctor even though it’s all you know?

Have you lost the passion you had when you first decided to be a doctor? Are you feeling burned out, disillusioned, and trapped? Are you questioning your decision to become a doctor because you have little energy and time for yourself and your family? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then what you need is to get to a place of feeling good again so you can focus on shifting back into a life you can truly love.

Jessica Wei, MD, is a former OB/GYN and functional medicine practitioner who shares the powerful journey of leaving her conventional medical practice after facing significant burnout and exhaustion. She demonstrates the steps you can take to find the energy and clarity you need to discover the life you can embrace fully and joyfully.

In Physician, Care for Thyself learn how to:

  • Get clear on whether you should quit your job as a conventional doctor
  • See what’s standing in your way and creating issues with your job
  • Understand why you’re going through this as a doctor in today’s world
  • Feel like yourself again and actually fulfill your dream of helping others
  • Make your decision for your next step and feel great about it

Prepare to find out how to get your fire and desire back in your life!