Getting Started with Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei provides consultative functional medicine services only. Although she continues to be board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, she has chosen to devote her time fully to functional medical care. She does require that you have ongoing regular care with your gynecologic care provider and with your primary care provider.

Dr. Wei’s practice focuses primarily on concerns related to fatigue, GI problems, autoimmunity, depression and anxiety, difficulty maintaining an ideal weight, and female hormone balance issues such as menstrual cycle irregularities, fibroids, endometriosis, PMS, PCOS, fertility, perimenopause, and menopause.


Before your visit

Prior to your visit, Dr. Wei would like for you to take some time to reflect about what issue or issues are bothering you most. After making your appointment, you will be sent an invitation to the patient portal of Women’s Holistic Health LLC. After registering for the portal, you will be able to fill out all pre-appointment information through the MD-HQ patient portal. Dr. Wei asks that these materials be fully completed 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time so that she can review the information thoroughly prior to your initial appointment.

What to expect at your initial visit

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete paperwork and provide time for you to settle!

Your initial consultation visit will last 2 hours, so plan accordingly!

You will first meet with our amazing functional health coach, who will review the timeline of your health and important life events to discover possible clues to the origins of the symptoms you are experiencing. She will also review your food and lifestyle diary to understand more deeply how you live your life and what habits you’ve developed to move through your life. If you have not already started lifestyle changes with diet, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction, she will counsel you regarding getting started with these foundational tools.

Then, you will meet with Dr. Wei for 60 minutes. Get ready to be heard! She will listen to your story while reviewing the health information provided through the patient portal. She will then talk with you about the next steps to determine what you personally need to address the issues that are bothering you the most. will discuss different recommendations for functional medicine testing.

Follow-up visits

The first follow-up visit will involve a review of lab results and how you are feeling with starting lifestyle changes. The treatment protocols usually last three months and involve lifestyle changes as well as personalized supplement protocols. You will be able to purchase some supplements directly in the office, or you will be able to purchase other recommended supplements through our online stores with Designs for Health and Fullscript.

After the second visit to review lab results, Dr. Wei recommends seeing her again in 4 weeks, and then in another 8 weeks. Retesting usually is recommended after completing a 3-4 month treatment plan to evaluate your progress and to know whether any changes are needed. You will also meet with Alana regularly to help you with implementing your treatment plan in ways that work for you and your life. Working with both Dr. Wei and a health coach will empower you to move through blocks you’ve had in the past with caring for yourself, as well as provide support for shifting your mindset into the world of possibility and the most satisfaction with this one precious life you have!