Book Review from Martha Eickmann

A wonderful book, highlighting the strain on physicians as they do the important work to fill the role as our designated healers, and the protectors of our lives, (and those of our most loved), and, of the incredible tax that such a responsibility really represents for them. (A little-told story in our culture, so a brave step for any physician to take.) Dr. Wei’s most personal story shows how important it is for physicians to learn how to take genuine care of themselves, so that they are in the best position to fulfill their most heartfelt desire to extend that care to others.

Applicable to many audiences, but will be particularly appreciated by those in the medical field that are struggling to find the balance between care of themselves, and care of others. Dr. Wei’s tireless fight for her own health, and an integrated sense of self, has much to offer anyone who is trying to work their own way back to that important place. Starting with the simple recognition of the extreme importance of doing so….and ending with specific steps that physicians can take to help them along the path.

Books like this should also be taken into serious account as we negotiate new models of healthcare: ones that take care of patients, as well as the physicians that serve them. This is the only way to make our care systems more effective, sustainable, and – most importantly of all – genuinely humane to all of the big-hearted humans within them. That is where the deepest kind of healing will come for us all.


Physician Care for Thyself