Day 6 of the Fasting Mimicking Diet: I MADE IT!

Hurrah! I managed to do the entire 5 days of the fasting mimicking diet! And I feel pretty good.


Admittedly, the fourth and fifth days were more difficult for me. On the fourth day, I was craving broccoli and avocados. Yesterday, it was a juicy burger with fries… The mind is so interesting…


This morning, I enjoyed a smoothie with almond milk, organic berries, avocado, banana, coconut oil, and pea protein powder. Yum!



1. I used social media much more often and posted to FB (other than these posts) more than I usually do. Natural, I suppose, given that I was feeling more relaxed and grateful in general.


2. I gained a new consciousness about food and relative scarcity that I would have never voluntarily imposed on myself. (Well, I did voluntarily impose this on myself. lol.) I think this is really, really important to emphasize. We live in such material abundance that we take for granted the things we have so easily at hand: food, shelter, clothing, clean water, electricity, computers, Internet access, heat, cars, gasoline, roads, schools, supermarkets, etc. And then we sometimes complain about not having enough. When I think about my own behavior and thoughts, I realize that I want to cultivate a general attitude of gratitude and contentment. I want to literally change my personal energy signature from seeming lack at times to true abundance in every moment. Good aspiration, at any rate!


3. Not unexpectedly, I don’t have too much in me today. I just returned from 3 hours in contact with the real world, and I am pretty wiped out.


4. I lost a total of 5 1/2 pounds, which is kind of astounding to me. My body’s basal metabolic rate must be much higher than 800 cal for me to lose so much weight in such a short period of time. No wonder I’m feeling pretty weak and tired. I did want to lose a bit of the winter weight that I had gained in the past few months, so this feels good. Surely, some pounds will come back on as I eat a normal amount of calories.


5. I don’t really have the bandwidth today to talk more about the details of the program such as the distribution of calories between fat, protein, and carbohydrates, ketosis, fat-burning, etc. I will post this soon.


I am ever grateful for all of the insights each different experience provides. I wonder whether the relative fasting state encouraged me to rest more and have more space and time to reflect. I think so, and that is a true gift.

Jessica Wei, MD

Owner and Certified Functional Medicine Physician Women’s Holistic Health, LLC

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