Fourth Day of the Fasting Mimicking Diet

I am feeling a bit fatigued and hungry. I am enjoying this time to lie relatively low and relax. What a concept!


Rations for the fourth day are about the same as the second:
Tea, two nut bars (280 and 90 cals), 2 soups, 2 packages of 7 olives, one MVI, and 32 oz. of the glycerin drink.




1. 8 hours of solid sleep. One more pound of weight lost.


2. Energy is lower today.

This is a place where I am learning to listen to my body’s cues. I’ve created a life where I have more space, and yet I continue to push and run on some imaginary hamster wheel of life. Habits of being and mind can be challenging to kick. The lesson is to rest when my body tells me to rest. I trained myself so well to push past these boundaries, far beyond what is reasonable for any body. I had very much convinced myself that this was what defined me as strong and persevering, hard-working and worthy. I am now considering how I identify so closely with these labels, and focusing on the idea that perhaps simply feeling good in this body is what is first; then, being available fully to be of service to my family, my friend, my work.


Does this sound familiar?


I can talk more about other things today, and this is all I choose to say today with the wish to inspire all of us to think about how we may overly identify with what we do in this life and somehow move far astray from any feeling of contentment, joy, and peace.


Yes, some space to contemplate while resetting my physical body. What a gift. Unexpected gift from a mimicking fasting diet. 


Find space to rest and relax today.

Jessica Wei, MD

Owner and Certified Functional Medicine Physician Women’s Holistic Health, LLC

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