Third Day into the Fasting Mimicking Diet…

Okay. I started the Mimicking Fasting Diet three days ago. Overall, I love it.


DAY TWO summary:
Food for the day: 2 nut-based bars (one 280 cal, the other 90), 2 soups, one MVI, two tea bags, one package of olives, and 32 ounces of a glycerin-based hibiscus tea-flavored drink. Total calories: about 800.


1. I slept very well on the first night after starting the program. 9 hours! I had written an extensive explanation of why this is so significant for me, and I deleted it. Maybe a share for another day. No need for lengthy explanations. Suffice it to say that sleep has been a major issue for me for the past 21 years since starting medical school. Despite all manner of medications/sedatives, I have persistently had difficulties sleeping. I have resorted to Reiki, EFT, TAT, house-clearing, Shamanism, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, etc. You get the picture. Still couldn’t sleep. My sleep issues only began to improve after an 8-week gut-healing protocol in May and June 2017. And I have not slept 9 hours overnight since I was a kid. So, gut health has something to with the ability to sleep. Duh.

2. I had a relatively relaxed day to myself yesterday. Yes, the mimicking fasting diet is THAT powerful that it can manifest a day off for yourself… So, I had time to observe my thoughts throughout the day. I’m not certain how many times I thought about eating, but it was well over 50 times. Yes, I’m doing this fasting thing right now, and I noticed that I looked to a snack when feeling a bit sad, tired, bored, lonely, overwhelmed, etc. I had the gift of becoming more AWARE of what I look to do to cope with my feelings. Maybe another “duh” because this is true for many of us, and it is amazing how often my mind is occupied with thinking about this.

3. I was very hungry in the afternoon. So much so that I wanted to eat the rest of the rations (tea, olives, soup and choco crisp bar in one sitting) at about 4 pm. Not the best idea. And this urge to just “stuff” myself (hardly stuffing with such a small amount of food) was a bit strong. So, I made myself a pot of tea, and read a book all the while thinking about dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds… Eventually, I fell asleep around 6 pm until 8 pm and slept so soundly. This is another very, very unusual event. My body doesn’t usually nap or relax enough to nap. Hmmm.

4. I drank so much more water and tea than I usually do. Of course, I know what I’m supposed to be doing with hydration. And when you can’t eat, you drink more. I want to bring this practice of being mindful of what I’m eating and drinking to my everyday practice. As with everything, we don’t understand what we are doing automatically until we do something different. This whole program is a precious opportunity to increase my awareness about SO many things.

5. Although I the usual fluctuations in mood throughout the day, I felt pretty steady. My energy felt pretty steady. Oh, I did drink a cup of coffee in the morning. This is allowed. I didn’t do it on the first day, and I allowed myself to do this on the second. This feeling steady business has much to do with blood sugar fluctuations through the day I am assuming. Nice to feel steadiness of mood and energy. Really nice. Actually, by the end of the day, I was feeling pretty great.
I had more trouble with sleep, however. Very vivid dreams. Total hours of sleep about 7. Not bad.


DAY THREE summary to about 1 pm:
Food for the day (much less!): tea, one nut bar, 2 soups, 4 kale crackers, one MVI, and 32 ounces of glycerin drink. Oh dear.

Observations thus far:

1. I woke up a bit dysphoric. Probably because I talked with a good friend who was a bit down before going to bed. If you remember, I was feeling quite great by the end of the day, and I had to tone it done a bit while talking with my friend. Mood improving as the day passes.

2. Weight loss: 3 ½ pounds. That’s a lot for basically two days of this program. I must have been revved up with inflammation because I am definitely less puffy and I can see the bones in my hands again as I type. Interestingly, my clothes aren’t as tight. Imagine that. I don’t think this is typical, and I have a BMI of 23 at this point, 22.5 now. This feels great!

3. Appointment with a patient at 9 am who just finished the mimicking fasting diet yesterday! What are the chances? We talked about our experience, and how nice it would be to have some support. We agreed to repeat it again in one month. I do believe that it is a great way to do a cleanse/detoxification. But, I still have 2 ½ days to go!


Overall, I am grateful to have the opportunity to do this. If I were being pseudo-scientific about it, I could have had my blood drawn beforehand to measure blood sugar, cholesterol, markers of inflammation, etc. Maybe next month, or some other lifetime.


Until tomorrow, have a lovely day!

Jessica Wei, MD

Owner and Certified Functional Medicine Physician Women’s Holistic Health, LLC

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